Beardini's magic rings-Magical Mayhem!01
Beardini's Magic Rings
General information
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Background information
Other Names
User Beardini the Pirate Magician,Captain Hook,Jake
Purpose Controls the elements of Earth,Wind and Water
Location Never Land
Final State Transported to some unknown location in hopes they will never be found again.
Beardini's Magic Rings are three enchanted rings created by Beardini the Pirate Magician. They grant the users the power to control the elements of earth,wind and water.

Role in the series

Beardini's Magic Rings first appeared in the episode "Magical Mayhem!",Beardini the Pirate Magician host a magic show on Never Land inviting Jake and Captain Hook's crew to enjoy the performance.While the pirates seem to enjoy Beardini's show,Hook wasn't interested until Beardini reveals his three magical rings,that control the elements of earth,wind and water.Hook manages to steal the three magical rings and headed to Sunken Treasure Bay to use them to get all the sunken treasure, until Captain Hook makes a big mistake on using all three rings together and unleashed Mount Boom,an underwater volcano. Jake and his crew must retrieve the rings before things gets worse for Never Land.


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