Welcome to Jake and the Never Land Pirates's Blog Guidelines.

Please refer to the Guidelines for more information.


This page will answer many of your questions pertaining to blogs on this wikia. If you can not find your answer please ask an administrator.

Creating Blogs

Old Blog Policy

Blogs shouldn't be commented after 2 weeks a tleast IF the blog hasn't been commented for 14 days, meaning it isn't active anymore. Those who break this rule most likely will get a warning.

Acceptable and unacceptable Blogs

Acceptable blogs

  • Blogs where users introduce themselves.
  • Blogs related to the show at least (such as opinions on episodes or opinions on the show
  • Blogs involving suggestions to the show.

Unacceptable Blogs

  • Blogs that have no subject related to the show at all or don't follow the rules for the Acceptable Blogs.
  • Blogs that involve any swearing. They will later be altered by Admins.
  • Blogs that involve ranting/fights, such as if a user hates some other user and causes a fight.

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