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Background information
First appearance
Latest appearance
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Kevin Hendrickson
Portrayed by
Voice Jeff Bennett (speaking)
Kevin Hendrickson (singing)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Silly, musical, comical, bumbling, fun-loving
Appearance Slender, clean-shaven, purple bandanna, yellow shirt, black vest, blue shorts
Occupation The pirate band,Member of Captain Hook's crew
Affiliations Bad (Always)
Neutral (Sometimes)
Home Jolly Roger in Never Land
Relatives grandfather (mentioned only)
Pets Harry (spider)
Allies Sharky, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Jake (sometimes), Izzy (sometimes), Cubby (sometimes), Skully (sometimes)
Enemies Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Marina, Pirate Princess, Tick-Tock the Crocodile, Winger, Wise Old Parrot, Peter Pan , Beatrice Le Beak, Fast Claw,Wendy Darling, John Darling,Michael Darling, Nana
Likes Music, singing
Dislikes Not having any gold doubloons for every every plan Captain Hook ruins, Hook mistreating them, being forced by Hook to walk the plank
Powers and abilities

Bones voiced by Jeff Bennett. When singing, Kevin Hendrikson performs in Bennett's place. He is a member of Captain Hook's crew.

Role in the Series

Bones is best friends with his crew mate Sharky aboard the Jolly Roger. They often play music together. Bones is friends with Jake and his crew as well. Bones has been on many adventures with Sharky and Mr. Smee as well as Captain Hook.

Sharky and Bones also appear as real people and sing songs. They sing at the end of every episode. Bones usually plays a Mandolin when he plays music. At the end of each episode, Sharky and Bones appear as real people, Kevin Hendrikson and Loren Hokins, respectively.

Around the first few episodes, Sharky and Bones provided musical numbers and never actually took part in the main plot. Later on they began joining Hook and Smee in their schemes involving Jake and the others. Unlike Smee however, Sharky and Bones take pride in their work as villainous pirates and show to have a great fear of Captain Hook. At the end of every set of episodes, the two in their live-action forms, perform an original song often based on one of the two episodes.

The first episode to solely revolve around the duo was "Peter's Musical Pipes". Here, for failing to complete their chores, Captain Hook forces the duo to walk the plank (which means being fired in a pirate's life). After their discharge, Sharky and Bones help Jake's crew who are coincidentally searching for treasure that requires musical talents and the use of Peter Pan's pipes, which they already have in their possessions, in order to be found. Hook spots Sharky and Bones working with the pirates and follows them to the treasure of Peter Pan's pipes. Hook steals the pipes but doesn't know how to play, preventing him from revealing the treasure. Sharky volunteers to play it if Hook hires him and Bones and promises never to have them walk the plank again. Hook agrees. The treasure is revealed and the pipes are returned to Jake by Bones. Hook still decides to steal the pipes but Jake and his crew escapes. Hook forgets the situation and makes way for the Jolly Roger. There, he orders Sharky and Bones to complete their work and play some music which they gladly do.

Another episode to do is "Captain Hook's Hooks". In this story, Sharky and Bones accidentally dirty some of Hook's hooks in his cabinet. The duo are ordered to clean them but the hooks are stolen by The Octopus who wants to play with them. Knowing they'll have to walk the plank if the captain finds out, Sharky and Bones travel to Never Land and teams up with the Never Land Pirates to retrieve the eight stolen hooks. They are retrieved and the hooks are restored. However, in the mix of getting them back, the hooks are filthily again, even more. They are forced to walk the plank but are caught by the Octopus down below who bounces them on his tentacles for fun. Smee joins in the fun with Hook deciding to forgive them and join in, too.

In the episode "Big Bug Valley!" Bones was the main focus of the episode showed another side of Bones character besides his skills as musician he had a fondness for animals and wanted to explore the wonders of Big Bug Valley and find the legendary Golden Caterpillar.The episode also feature Bone's pet spider Harry.

Bones was once again the main focus in the episode "Pirate Swap!" He and Cubby were the lucky candidates for Pirate Swap Day Bones became a part of Jake's crew for the day and Cubby apart of Hook's they would later return to their proper crew once the day was over after learning a whole new experiences on how the pirate crew live.

Bones was once again the main focus along with Cubby in the episode"Sand Pirate Cubby!" Bones auditioned to become one of Captain Flynn's sand pirates for the day by enduring various trials of the Never Land Desert.Captain Hook became furious that a member of his crew would ever join Flynn's crew.

Another episode to focus on Sharky and Bones is "Song of the Desert" Captain Hook over hears Captain Flynn singing while sailing threw the sands of the Never Land Desert when he came up the scheme to use Sharky and Bones to lure Captain Flynn away from the Pirate Pyramid allowing him and Smee to raid the pyramid to find Captain Flynn's treasure the Golden Scarab.

Bones was once again the main focus in the episode "Bones' Lucky Doubloon!" Bones is determined to find the lost treasure Queen Hipporlita and ask the help of Jake and his crew in the search with luck of his grandfather gold doubloon "Bloony" guide them in their journey.



Sharky is Bones' best friend. They are extremely close,they are commonly seen together breaking into song.

Mr. Smee

Mr. Smee is another close friend of Bones. As first mate, Smee outranks Bones, but they still care about each other very much.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook is hard on Bones,preferring Bones tend to pirate task aboard the Jolly Roger instead of spending playing various song as seen in the episode "Peter's Musical Pipe". but Bones still cares deeply for his beloved captain.


Bones doesn't have anything against Jake personally but merely follows Hook's command.

After their discharge in the episode "Peter's Musical Pipe", Sharky and Bones help Jake's crew who are coincidentally searching for treasure that requires musical talents and the use of Peter Pan's pipes, which they already have in their possessions, in order to be find Peter's treasure.

In the episode "Pirate Swap!" Bones joins Jake's crew for the day and Cubby becomes apart of Hook's they would later return to their proper crew once the day was over.Bones was very excited about joining Jake's crew for the day, much to annoyance of Captain Hook.


Izzy is in good terms with Bones as seen in the episode "Captain Hook's Hooks",being the first to agree to assist the duo after Hook force them to walk the plank.


Bones and Cubby shared a deep bond together in "Pirate Swap!", When they both tried to become Captain Flynn's sand pirates by enduring various trials of the Never Land Desert.


Skully doesn't have much interaction with Bones but seem to tolerate his antics a little more then Hook.Skully even complements Sharky and Bones musical skills in the episode Captain Hook's Parrot.

Captain Flynn

Bones is a huge fan of Captain Flynn, as reveled in the episode "The Great Pirate Pyramid" he is the president of Captain Flynn's fan club.After Hook plan is foiled in the episode Song of the Desert Sharky and Bones apologize to Flynn about tricking him as they really wanted to preform in a concert with him but again were following Hook's orders.

Peter Pan

Bones interaction with Peter is a differently compared to Jake and his crew.As seen in in the special "Peter Pan Returns", Sharky and Bones are seen cringing in fear when Hook realize it was Peter Pan's Shadow tormenting him and his crew. Later during Peter's to reclaim his shadow, Sharky and Bones take great pride in antagonizing Pan during the conflict on the Jolly Roger.

Tick-Tock the Crocodile

Bones like the rest of the Jolly Roger crew have found themselves pursed by the hungry crocodile at times.

Theme Park Character

Bones and Sharky have made promotional appearances for the show, including appearances at Disney's Hollywood Studios and the biannual D23 Expo in Anaheim.Sharky and Bones also attended the 20th Annual Festival of Lights Parade in Chicago.

Disney Junior - Live on Stage!

Puppet Sharky and Bones can be seen in Disney Junior Live at Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney California Adventure.Similar to their role earlier in the series the duo provided musical numbers and never actually took part in the main plot.

Disney Junior Live-Pirate & Princess Adventure

Sharky and Bones appears in live musical stage show joining Hook and Smee in their schemes to unlock treasure hidden inside a mysterious volcano.



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