• The episode is directed by Jeff Gordon.
  • Gold Doubloons do not feature in the special.
  • The special serves as the series finale.
  • The episode is written by Mark Seidenberg and Brian Swenlin.
  • The storyboard was by Dave Bennett,Kirk Hanson,Tom Morgan,Phillip Mosness and Dave Williams.
  • The episode marks the second appearance of Wendy, John and Michael in the series since the season three episode special "Battle for the Book".
  • The Darling siblings gain new pirate theme attires for season four.
  • Nana doesn't make a reappearance with the Darling siblings.
  • The Doom Stone makes it first appearance.
  • Hangman's Tree reappears.
  • The Forever Tree is mentioned.
  • The Land Beyond the Never Sea is mentioned again.
  • The Bear from the Following the Leader song from Disney's 1953 animated film, Peter Pan makes his first appearance in the series.
  • Doctor Undergear and ShiverJack appear in the special but don't have any lines.
  • Elliot Reeve was unable to reprise his role of John and is replaced with Harry Erasmus in the special.
  • Despite not appearing in the episode Tick-Tock Croc is featured in the credits.

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