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Captain Loon's Doubloon
General information
Feature Films
Television Programs
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Background information
Other Names
User Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee,Sharky,Bones
Location Never Land (originally)
Pirate Island
The Jolly Roger
Final State Jake and Captain Hook's crew each take a piece of the giant doubloon
Captain Loon's Doubloon is a large gold doubloon once own by Captain Loon before he left the island he hide his doubloon deep within in Never Land.

Role in the series

Captain Loon's Doubloon first appeared in the episode "Ahoy, Captain Smee!" Mr. Smee is left in command of the Jolly Roger after Captain Hook gave up his title of captain and abandoned ship with Sharky and Bones, leaving Smee to deal with the sinking ship. Luckily, Jake and his crew were sailing nearby and decided to help. Izzy used her pixie dust to lift the Jolly Roger from the Never Sea allowing Smee to patch the hole. With the danger over, Hook, Sharky, and Bones returned aboard the Jolly Roger. Hook orders Smee to return his title as captain, but Mr. Smee shocks Captain Hook by deciding to remain as captain for a while.During Smee time as captain he and the rest of the crew join Jake's to find Captain Loons giant gold doubloons. Once at the valley where Captain Loon hid his doubloon Mr Smee. accidentally trigger a pirate booby-trap destroying flooring the pirates were standing on.Leaving Jake and Smee holding onto the side chasm or hanging vines.Jake ask Izzy to use her Pixie Dust,but She was unable to reach while trying to keep herself from falling.Soon Captain Hook arrives, gloating at Smee and the other pirates blunder as he attempts to fly over chasm using his Whirly-Hook and take Captain Loon's Doubloon for himself. Smee order Hook to forget about the treasure and ask him to save them. Hook at first scoffed at Smee's order but when he witness him struggling from falling he rushes to his,Jake and the other pirates aid.With everyone safe and Smee decided to return Hook to command once more he flies over and Captain Loon's Doubloon and gives it Jake.Jake and his crew soon realize the giant doubloon is actually made out various smaller slices allowing Jake and his mateys to share the treasure with Hook and crew member.


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