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Coral Cove
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Location Never Land
Inhabitants Sandy the Starfish and various sea creatures
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully,Marina, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Orange Octopus
Final state Still standing

The Coral Cove is a location in Never Land and the home of Sandy the Starfish and the other sea creatures.

Role in the series

Coral Cove first appeared in the episode "Save the Coral Cove!". Captain Hook is threatening to dig up and destroy Coral Cove with his treasure digging machine, in search of the "Treasure With Eight Arms". Marina the Mermaid spots the greedy captain up to no good with Sandy in hand. She rushes off to Pirate Island to enlist the help of Jake and his crew with this emergency. When Jake and his crew reach the Coral Cove, they tried to plead with Hook not to destroy the Cove, but Hook refused to stop his search for the treasure, but he'd soon wish he hadn't, once he comes across his eight armed foe, the Octopus, who began attacking Hook and Smee sending the two fleeing back to the Jolly Roger, leaving Jake and his crew to deal with Hook's treasure digging machine.