Crab Louie is a minor character from Disney Junior's television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is a young anthropomorphic crab and the son of King Crab. He is voiced by Jonathan Morgan Heit.



Louie is very spirited frequently leaps into danger, often without considering the consequences and improvising to the best of his ability. He has a tendency to jump to conclusions before engaging in further thought and believes in quick and easy solutions. Louie is loyal to his father, King Crab and the other crabs of King Crab Island, and is always ready to help those in need. He is proud to be the prince of King Crab Island, and cares for all of his friends.

Role in the series

Crab Louie first appeared in the episode "Crabageddon!" he is first seen playing with his dad King Crab on the beach when Doctor Undergear come to King Crab Island to turn the island into his new lair with the aid of his Crab Bot minions.Crab Louie wanted to assist his father defeating Undergear but King Crab attempt to stop the threat on his own are quickly thwarted by the mad doctor leaving his son and subjects to deal with the doctor.Crab Louie attempt to stop Undergear by himself but he is quickly stop by the other Crab Pirates believing it was to dangerous.Crab Louie and the Crab Pirates try to stop Undergear but are soon held captive. King Crab latter returns with the aid of Jake and his crew to free his son,subjects and home from Doctor Undergear and his minions.Crab Louie and the Crab Pirates assist Izzy and Cubby defeat the Crab Bots.Crab Louie, King Crab and the Crab Pirates finally give Doctor Undergear by catapulting him off King Crab Island.Crab Louie is last seen alongside his father thanking Jake and his crew for there help freeing their home from Doctor Undergear.

Episode Appearances

Season Four


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