Dismal Cave-Captain Hook's Last Stand!01
Dismal Cave
Background Information
First appearance "Captain Hook's Last Stand!"
Latest appearance
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Other Information
Other names
Location Deep within the Dismal Jungle in Never Land
Visitors Jake, Wendy Darling, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee
Final state Still standing

Dismal Cave is a large gloomy cave located within the Dismal Jungle section of Never Land . It is the only section of the island where Sun Stones can be found.


As Wendy revealed sometime during her original visit to the island Peter Pan brought her to see the Sun Stones.

Role in the series

Dismal Cave first appeared in the episode "Captain Hook's Last Stand!" When Captain Hook turns Peter Pan to stone with the power of the Doom Stone, Captain Jake and his crew get help from Wendy, John and Michael to find the magic items needed to rescue their petrified friend.Wendy and Jake head to Dismal Cave to recover the Sun Stones that will help restore Peter back to normal.But unknown to Wendy and Jake that they were being spied on by Mr. Smee in hopes of learning where they hid the now petrified Peter Pan for Hook.Captain Hook soon arrives growing more evil and gradually turning to stone with every use of the Doom Stone,He ask Smee has he learn any new information on Pan's location but, Smee informs him that they enter Dismal Cave to find the Sun Stones.Seeing this a chance to learn of Pan's whereabouts Hook bellows into the cave ordering Wendy and Jake to reveal Pan's location.But Jake and Wendy refuse to respond Hook grows tired of the young hero's and causes a cave in by kicking his now stone foot against the Dismal Cave causing a cave in.Believing he now rid himself of Jake and Wendy Hook soon set off to continue his search for Pan,unknown that his action caused more good then harm revealing the Sun Stones and another means of exiting Dismal Cave.