The Emralde Coconut
Emerald Coconut
General information
Feature Films
Television Programs
Video games
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Background information
Other Names
User Captain Hook,Cubby
Location Never Land
Final State Return to the Never Land Jungle.
The Emerald Coconut is a emerald like gemstone resembling a coconut hidden deep within the Never Land Jungle. Before leaving to explore the wonder beyond the Never Sea Peter Pan put various traps around the The Emerald Coconut to keep it safe from Captain Hook.

Role in the series

The Emerald Coconut first appeared in the episode of the "name". Jake and his crew receive a message from Peter Pan about a legendary Emerald Coconut for Cubby to take a picture of for his coconut collection. Unfortunately,Captain Hook steals the coconut to add it to his own collection and traps Jake and Izzy in a cage. The only way for them to be free is for Cubby and Skully to put back the emerald coconut in its place.

Video games

The Emerald Coconut is featured in the "Battle On The Never Sea Disney Junior App Game." the coconut pieces are scatter through out the stage Jake can collect objects all the pieces during his journey and add it to his treasure room.

In the online game "A Treasure for Mama Hook." Captain Hook and Mr. Smee take Mama Hook for a treasure hunt but doesn't have a clue where any treasure can be located.Unknown to Hook and Smee Jake and crew overhear and decided to help.The Emerald Coconut is among the treasure the player can add to the treasure chest for Mama Hook.


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