You'll be fine, Jake. Just hold on tight to Flo

Flo is a minor character featured in the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates.She is one of Marina and Stormy's various dolphin companions. Her vocal effects are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.



How Flo met Marina and origins all together are currently unknown. What is known is that she clearly has a close bond with the young mermaid and willing following her request to assist Jake through the depths of the Never Sea.


Flo is an extraordinarily quick-witted, agile, loyal and friendly bottlenose dolphin with a strong passion for adventure and exploration. Her tendency to explore the more mysterious depths of the Never Sea.

Role in the series

Flo first appears in the episode Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake's Never Land Rescue. While following the ball of light sent by the Guardian, Jake ends up at Mermaid Lagoon. Jake runs into Marina, Stormy and Sandy the Starfish, and the threat of Never Land disappearing has even effected the mermaids of Neptune City, forcing them to flee. Jake asked Marina and Stormy if they knew of a means to restore Cubby's map, the young mermaids told him that only the magical ink of the Golden Squid was capable of doing so. To reach the Squid, the young mermaids summoned Flo to escort Jake through the depths of the Never Sea. When Jake and the dolphin reached the squid, it only made the squid angry and chase the two. But the dolphin proved to be much faster and outran the squid. When the squid got stuck, Flo moved Jake close enough to tickle the squid to release some ink. Flo doesn't take part of the rest of the adventure.

Video games

Flo appears in the Disney Junior online game "Jake's Never Land Rescue Game." She serves as a means of Jake's transportation through the depths of the Never Sea.

Episode Appearances

Season Two


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