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Gold dobloons
Gold Doubloons
General information
Feature Films
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Background information
Other Names
User Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Peter Pan, Captain Gizmo, Bones, Captain Hook
Purpose When ever Jake and his crew solve a pirate problem they appear
Final State Jake and his crew keep a large number of them in the Team Treasure Chest
Keep a look out for gold doubloons. Whenever we solve a pirate problem together, they'll appear. Then we'll collect 'em and put 'em in our Team Treasure Chest.

Gold Doubloons are magical pirate treasure. When ever Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully solve a pirate problem they appear and collect them. Then later after adventure they return to Pirate Island count all the doubloons then put them into the Team Treasure Chest.

Role in the series

As previously mentioned above gold doubloons appear in every episode of the series (except "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book"),.Gold Doubloons are a key element in the series.

In the episode "Ahoy, Captain Smee!" Mr. Smee is left in command of the Jolly Roger after Captain Hook gave up his title of captain and abandoned ship with Sharky and Bones, leaving Smee to deal with the sinking ship. Luckily, Jake and his crew were sailing nearby and decided to help. Izzy used her pixie dust to lift the Jolly Roger from the Never Sea allowing Smee to patch the hole. With the danger over, Hook, Sharky, and Bones returned aboard the Jolly Roger. Hook orders Smee to return his title as captain, but Mr. Smee shocks Captain Hook by deciding to remain as captain for a while.During Smee time as captain he and the rest of the crew join Jake's to find Captain Loons giant gold doubloons.

In the episode "Pirate Swap!" Bones and Cubby were the lucky candidates for Pirate Swap Day Bones became a part of Jake's crew for the day and Cubby apart of Captain Hook's they would later return to their proper crew once the day was over after learning a whole new experiences on how the pirate crew live. After Bones assist Jake, Izzy and Skully get past a gorilla he is rewarded with two gold doubloons.

In the episode "Bones' Lucky Doubloon!" Bones is determined to find the lost treasure Queen Hipporlita and ask the help of Jake and his crew in the search with luck of his grandfather gold doubloon "Bloony" guide them in their journey.

Although the doubloons weren't part of the main plot, of the special "Jake's Never Land Rescue,Peter Pan makes gold doubloons rain from the sky at the end of special and they had designs of Hook, Skully, Cubby, and Pan.


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