Hangman's Tree-Pirate Fools Day!
Hangman's Tree
Background Information
First appearance "Battle for the Book"
Latest appearance "Captain Hook's Last Stand!"
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Owner(s) Peter Pan
Inhabitants Peter Pan, Tinker Bell,Peter Pan's Shadow
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Wendy Darling, John Darling, Michael Darling, Nana,Captain Hook
Final state Still standing

Hangman's Tree is the hideout where Peter Pan and Tinker Bell lived on Never Land before he set off to explore the wonders beyond the Never Sea. Hangman's Tree also served as the home of the Darling siblings in their first adventure on the island.

Role in the series

Hangman's Tree first appeared in the episode special "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book", When Captain Hook steals Wendy's book of Never Land and flees back to the island to destroy the tales once and for all.Jake and his crew pursue the captain accompanied by the Darling siblings.Once back on Never Land Wendy suggest they head to hideout to determine where Hook will take the book,Jake was about to set a course for Pirate Island but Wendy clarified that she meant the hideout her brother lived in there first visit to the island many years ago.As Wendy lead the group across Never Land to find Hangman's Tree but started to lose her memory of where the tree reside.Jake manage to find the tree John open one of the hidden hatches welcoming everyone inside.Jake and crew marvel at the site of Pan's hideout,Wendy knew of another means to locate using the tree's root tunnels to determine where Hook was going with her book.The group soon hear the captain voice leading to the Valley of Fury one of the most dangerous places in Never Land.

Hangman's Tree reappeared in the episode "Pirate Fools Day!",Peter has trouble controlling his mischievous shadow who is pulling pranks on the inhabitants of Never Land.

Hangman's Tree reappeared in the episode "Captain Hook's Last Stand!",Peter accompanied by Jake,his crew and the Darling siblings decide to hide the Doom Stone deep within the tree but unknown to them Captain Hook manages to follow the band back to the hideout and take the Doom Stone.

Printed material

Hangman's Tree only appearance in the printed media is the storybook adaption of Battle for the Book.

Video games

Hangman's Tree only video game appearance in the series is the online game "Jake's Lost Story Quest." Jake and the Darling siblings past by the hideout as they collect the various pages of Wendy's Book while trying to escape from Captain Hook.



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