Jake and the Never Land Pirates: All Hands On Hooks
Jake-and-the-never-land-pirates-All hands on Hook
Illustrator Disney Storybook Art Team
Publication date February 18, 2014
Published by Disney Publishing Worldwide

All Hands On Hooks is a 2014 Disney Press based on the Jake and the Never Land Pirates.The story is based upon the episode Captain Hook's Hooks.


When Captain Hook orders Sharky and Bones to clean every hook in his precious Cabinet of Hooks, the bumblers accidentally hand off eight of the hook-treasures to the playful Octopus – who runs off with them! While Mr. Smee substitutes found objects to keep Hook from finding out about the missing hooks, Sharky and Bones team up with Jake and the Never Land Pirates to retrieve them!

Can Jake and his crew get the hooks back before Captain Hook makes Sharky and Bones walk the plank? You bet, matey! This great new novelty format combines die-cut tabs with lift-the-flaps for a unique, multi-dimensional experience.

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