Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake's Never Land Rescue
Never Land Rescue

Jake's Never Land Rescue has a DVD Release. The DVD has bonus features.

Bonus Features

Disc Case Features

Disney Movie Rewards code

You can redeem the code you get for 75 points at Disney Movie Rewards.

Paper Cover

The cover contains the title card of the movie with the jungle background with the words "Now On Disney DVD" with the Disney Junior logo on the bottom left. On the back, there's instructions for a Glow-In-The-Dark Sword.

Glow-In-The-Dark Sword


1. Unpack the sword and lay it out on a flat surface.
2. Expose stars to light for 1 minute to charge glow feature. Place glow in the dark stickers on to the sword.
3. Separate plastic valve and insert straw into inner tube.
4. Blow air into straw.
5. Take out straw when sword is completely inflated.
6. Sword is ready for play.
7. To store: Insert straw into inner tube and apply pressure to release air.
8. Fold and keep your sword to use next time.

On Disc Features

This Disney DVD is enhanced with Disney's FastPlay. If you want to view ads before the DVD starts up, click (computer version) / push Select on your remote (DVD Player version) on FastPlay. To start up the DVD without ads, do the same but instead of FastPlay, push Main Menu.

Bonus Episodes

You can select "Play All" to play all the episodes one-by-one or you can choose what episode plays. All episodes played are shown paired with their partner episodes, as shown by the episode guide.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake's Never Land Rescue

It's a Pirate Picnic!

The Key to Skull Rock

The Golden Twilight Treasure!

Rock the Croc!

Jake and Sneaky Le Beak!

Cubby the Brave!

Jake's Special Delivery

Seahorse Saddle-Up!

Bonus Features

All the bonus features are eight Playing With Skully shorts.

"Playing With Skully" Shorts
  • Sailing The Never Sea
  • Where's Sandy?
  • Pulley Hook
  • North Bound
  • Diving In The Coral Reef
  • Ship Ahoy!
  • Pirate Puzzle
  • Coconuts On Pirate Island

Set Up

In Set Up mode, you can change the language the episodes and shorts are in between English, Spanish, and French. You can also change the language of the captions between English, Spanish, and French. You can also get instructions on the Setting Up of your copy of the DVD.

Set-Up Instructions

By registering your Disney DVD, you become eligible for:

  • The disc replacement program that allows consumers to replace a damaged DVD
    • DVD Technical Support
  • Notification of Special Offers and Updates on Other Disney DVD Titles

Simply Register Online At

Sneak Peeks

It shows some sneak peeks of Disney movies that aired after the release of the DVD.


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