• Peter Pan Returns is the last episode of season one for the series and the first 1-hour episode.
  • This is the first episode since the first episode "Hide the Hideout" in which Skully collects gold doubloons.
  • In the episode, fifteen golden doubloons were collected, the most collected in the entire series so far.
  • Peter Pan makes his first physical appearance in the series.
  • The episode marks the first appearance of Peter Pan's Shadow.
  • Marina only has a cameo in the episode in the closing song, despite being a recurring character. In fact, only the Never Bird is the only other character to appear besides the pirates, Hook's pirates, Hook, and Peter Pan. Also, the scene is from the episode "Pirate Rock".
  • It is revealed Peter Pan can't fly when he is sad when he doesn't have his shadow around to play with after a certain time.
  • After the closing song is over, the island the characters are on looks like a guitar.
  • A DVD containing this episode was released April 3, 2012.
  • This episode reveals that Captain Hook planned on taking over Never Land during Peter's absence, resulting in Peter finding a team of pirates to keep him at bay.
  • The episode was written by Kevin Campbell,Mark Drop and Mark Seidenberg.

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