Jake and the Never Land Pirates is a 2011 soundtrack album featuring songs from the Disney Junior show of the same name.

Track listing

  1. Jake and the Never Land Pirate Band (Main Title)
  2. Yo Ho Mateys Away
  3. Never Land Pirate Band
  4. Captain Hook (Is A Cranky Crook)
  5. Castaway On Pirate Island
  6. Hot Lava
  7. Pirate Password
  8. Bucky's Shanty
  9. Aw, Coconuts
  10. Roll Up the Map
  11. What's Cookin' Smee?
  12. Never Sky
  13. Tick Tock Croc
  14. Shipwreck Shuffle
  15. Talk Like A Pirate
  16. Weigh Hey Well Done Crew
  17. Trick or Treasure
  18. Jake and the Never Land Pirate Band (Main Title) Singalong

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