Jake&Crew- London Ahoy
London Ahoy
Originally performed by
Composer Kevin Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins
Lyrics Kevin Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins
Performer(s) Sean Ryan Fox
Megan Richie
Jadon Sand
Video games
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London Ahoy is a song featured in the TV spcial "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book". The song is sung by Jake and his crew as they journey to London, England.


All: What's it like in Londonland?

Cubby: It's not on any map I've ever seen

All: Oh, what can it be?

Jake:Maybe it's a long lost town

Izzy:Maybe it's a city in the clouds

All: Let's go find out now

Jake:To London, mateys, sail away

All:Through the sky

Jake:With pixie dust to fill the sails

All:We can climb

London ahoy!


All:A distant land afar

On the other side of the Never Star

London, London Every matey yo heave ho

Yo heave ho!

Point that spyglass over the rail

Every matey watch below

All hands look out now

Jake:When you see it there then shout it out

All:London, London ahoy!


Look at all those lights b

Izzy:Like the stars have castles on the ground

All:Look, they're all around

Jake: Giant towers everywhere

Cubby:Whoa, that's the biggest clock I've ever seen

Skully: London, here we be!

All:London ahoy!

Music Video

London Ahoy (From "Jake and the Never Land Pirates")01:58

London Ahoy (From "Jake and the Never Land Pirates")

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