• Jake and his crew collect ten gold doubloons
  • Captain Hook's full name was revealed to be James Bartholomew Hook in the episode.
    • The episode revealed that Mr. Smee,Sharky and Bones didn't know Captain Hook's full name.
  • Mama Hook makes her first physical appearance in the series.
  • The episode was written by Mark Seidenberg.
  • The episode marks the first visit to Stepping Stone River and Hidden Hills.
    • When Captain Hook falls into Stepping Stone River Mama Hook recalls his earlier training when he learned to walk the plank and fell into the Never Sea.Implying Captain Hook has been to Never Land before as child.
  • The episode marks the fourth appearance of Crocodile Creek in the series.
  • Jake and his crew meet Mama Hook for the first time.
  • The episode marks Mama Hook first encounter with Tick-Tock Croc.
  • The episode shares its title with the short later featured in the Jake's Never Land Pirate School spin-off.

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