The map to Posiden's trident
Map to Neptune's Trident
General information
Feature Films
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Background information
Other Names
User Marina,Stormy,Cubby
Purpose To help guide Jake and his crew through Never Land to Mount Mer-suvias
Location Pirate Island
Final State Presumed to be with Cubby on Pirate Island.
The Map to Neptune's Trident is a map that leads to the legendary Neptune's Trident. The map has only appeared in the episode "Izzy's Trident Treasure".

Role in the series

The Trident is said to be located at the top of a huge mountain in the middle of the dried up lake. Stormy the mermaid found the map while she was surfing, she and her sister Marina quickly rush toPirate Island seeking the aid of Jake and his crew retrieve Neptune's Trident.


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