Misty's Cook Book-The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off02
Misty's Cook Book
General information
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Background information
Other Names
User Misty the Wonderful Witch,Captain Hook
Location Misty's Cottage on Never Land
Final State Still with Misty the Wonderful Witch
Misty's Cook Book is a magic cook book that belongs to Misty the Wonderful Witch.

Roles in the series

Misty's Cook Book first appeared in the episode "The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off",Jake and his crew take part in the Never Land coconut cook off with their various coconut dishes in hopes of winning the golden ladle. Captain Hook soon joins the contest to win the ladle but couldn't make up his mind what dish to enter in the contest, he soon spots Misty the Wonderful Witch's magical recipe book when Misty was distracted Hook conjures up a souffle that transforms into a giant coconut souffle beast that attack Hook and his bumbling crew leaving them helpless with in a gooey mess before kidnapping Izzy and making its way to Belch Mountain with Jake,Cubby, Skully and Misty in pursuit


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