The Never Key
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Background information
Other Names
User Jake,Captain Hook
Purpose It has the power to unlock any lock on Never Land
Location Never Land(originally)
Pirate Island (current)
Final State Presumed to still be with Jake
The Never Key is a legendary key hidden deep within Never Land it has the power to unlock any lock on the island.

Role in the series

The Never Key first appeared in the episode "Hooked Together!," Captain Hook and Mr. Smee found a treasure chest on Never Land. Hook tried all means to open his treasure but couldn't open it when he over hears Jake and his crew on the trail of the legend of Never Key. Hook plotted to swipe Cubby's map at Ancient Armor Row and find the Never Key before the sea pups, but Hook scheme didn't go as plan as Hook tried to swipe the map while inside the suit of armor he accidentally gets himself and Jake shackled together on a pair of rusty old shackles forcing Hook and Jake to work together as they journey through Hop-Scotch Lava Flow and Pile-O-Bones Mountain until they reach a large key shape stone formation where  the Never Key is located.