Jake and the Never Land Pirates Battle for the Book! 01
Never Land Ahoy
Originally performed by
Composer Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson
Lyrics Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson
Performer(s) Jake (Sean Ryan Fox)
Izzy (Madison Pettis)
Cubby (Jadon Sand)
Wendy Darling (Maia Mitchell)
Video games
Preceded by
Followed by

Never Land Ahoy is a song featured in the TV special "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book". The song is sung by Jake,his crew and the Darling siblings as they return to Never Land.


All: Never Land ahoy


Sailing through the night

With the Never Star

Second from the right

Never-Never-Never Land Yo h Yo heave ho!

Point that spyglass over the rail

Every matey watch below

All hands look out now

When you see it there then shout it out

Never Land Never Land ahoy!

Jake:Look alive, mateys!

All:Never Land Never land ahoy!

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