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Never Land Jungle
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Other names Never Jungle
Location Never Land
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones, Tick-Tock the Crocodile,Patch the Pirate Pup,Peter Pan,Mama Hook,Blinky,The Sing-Songbird
Final state Still Standing
Hmm! Why, I do believe we walked all the way across Never Land Jungle!
―Mr. Smee

The Never Land Jungle is a thick woodland that shrouds the island of Never Land. It is full of palm trees and various wild life.

Role in the series

The jungle appears regularly in the series. In the episode Hats Off to Hook! Jake and his crew discover Captain Hook's hat washed upon the shore of Pirate Island and try to return it to him. Meanwhile Hook and his crew are also searching for Hook's missing hat on the Jolly Roger,Hook accidentally lands on a catapult launching into a palm tree in the Never Land Jungle. Sharky and Bones get Hook down were he spot Jake and his crew with his hat believing they stole. The Jungle lends to new location such Sailor Swamp and Tiki Forest.