Pan's compass
Peter Pan's Compass
General information
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Background information
Other Names
User Peter Pan,Jake,Cubby
Purpose The only means of locating the Never Bloom
Location Pirate Island
Final State Still with Jake and his crew.
Peter Pan's Compass is a magical compass that points to the direction of the Never Bloom hidden on Never Land it was sent to Jake and his crew by Peter Pan.

Role in the series

In the episode "The Never Bloom!" Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully receive a note from Peter Pan about a rare flower that only blooms once every hundred years called the Never Bloom. The pirate kids follow Pan's compass to get to the flower, but greedy Captain Hook overhears the puny pirates and tries to beat the sea pups in the search for the Never Bloom.

Video games

Peter Pan's Compass appears in the "Jake's Never Land Pirate School App." It can be spotted during the Map & Spyglass segment.The players learn to navigate Never Land with Cubby and then use the spyglass to find exciting treasures with Jake.

Peter Pan's Compass makes a minor appearance in the Disney Junior online game "Journey Beyond the Never" it is one of the random objects or characters that can be collected after completing the various games.


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