• Jake and his crew collect ten gold doubloons
  • Cameron Boyce began voicing Jake in this episode as Colin Ford understudy.
  • Tick-Tock the Crocodile makes a cameo in the episode as the first hole of the Pirate Putt-Putt Course.
  • A less massive but still active incarnation of Belch Mountain appears as a part of the Pirate Putt-Putt course.
  • Mama Hook was briefly mention by Mr. Smee while restoring Hook's confidants.
  • Izzy's puzzle box makes a brief reappearance since its debut in the episode "Izzy's Pirate Puzzle".
  • The episode marks the reappearance of the Pirate Island Treasure Room since the episode "The Elephant Surprise!"
  • This is the first time Captain Hook wins against Jake and his crew.
  • Peter Pan was briefly mention in the episode as the creator of the Pirate Putt-Putt course.

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