Princess Power! titlecard Izzy: "Princess Power!"


Izzy: Whoa! Jake, Cubby, what's the big news already?

Jake: Well, you've heard of the "Princess Treasure Poem", right?

Izzy: It's one of my favorites. I've always wondered what the treasure in the poem really is.

Cubby: The only way to know for sure, is to find the Princess Treasure.

Jake: According to the poem, only three princesses have the power to find the treasure.

Skully: Hate to crumble your cracker, guys. None of us are princesses.

Cubby: No, but they are.

Pirate Princess: Whee!

Winger: (laughs)

Izzy: Princess Winger, Pirate Princess!

Pirate Princess: Thanks for inviting us to the treasure hunt today.

Izzy: You think you can really find the Princess Treasure?

Pirate Princess: Aye-aye, but first, we need a third princess for our crew.

Izzy: Who's that?

Pirate Princess and Winger: Honorary princess Izzy!

Jake and Cubby: Whoa!

Pirate Princess: And, as a princess, you can lead our hunt for the Princess Treasure.

End Credits

Song: The Codfish Reel:
Hook: Set sail for Never Land, and treasure!

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