Serena-Jane Nixon01
Serena-Jane Nixon is Texture Artist / 3D Modeler at Bardel Entertainment. She worked on Jake and the Never Land Pirates during season four from January - July 2015 doing Modeling/texturing 3d props with minor rigging to suit the 2d Harmony style of the show.


Serena goal is to maintain a career position in the CG industry where she can actively apply her range of skills regarding artistic, creative and technological arenas, while always striving to improve and expand upon them.

She will take advantage of any experience to learn about the industry and enhance her other abilities. Then, I will apply that knowledge to further developing my strengths in character design, modelling and texturing.

Perhaps, if other circumstances present me with equally gratifying options for a career then I will be open to that. Anything that is artistically relevant in a way that caters to my creativity and skills will provide me with contentment and sustenance.


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