Hook&Crew-Jake and Sneaky Le Beak!
Sneaky Le Beak
Originally performed by
Composer Kevin Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins
Lyrics Kevin Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins
Performer(s) Kevin Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins
Video games
Preceded by
Followed by

Sneaky Le Beak is a song featured in the in the episode Jake and Sneaky Le Beak!. It is sung by Sharky and Bones. Later the song serves as Beatrice Le Beak theme song and plays instrumentally when ever she is onscreen.


There's no bigger sneak than Beatrice Le Beak

If she wants your treasure it's gone in a wink

She'll creep and she'll slink

And before you can blink

You have just been Le Beaked

By the sneakiest of sneaky sneaks

En guard!

Le sneaky Le Beak!

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