The Bear is a minor character in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is a larger brown bear who lives in Green Grove Gulch deep within Never Land. His vocal effect are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the episode

The Bear first appeared in the episode "Captain Hook's Last Stand!" When Captain Hook turns Peter Pan to stone with the power of the Doom Stone, Captain Jake and his crew get help from Darling siblings to find the magic items needed to rescue their petrified friend. Michael Darling, Cubby, Skully and Tinker Bell head to Green Grove Gulch to find the magical mud which will help break the spell.Unknown to the group Sharky and Bones were spying on them in order to locate the petrified Peter for Hook.Captain Hook soon arrives to the gulch to learn if his crew had any luck locating Pan.Seeing that his crew had poor luck finding Peter he decides to make the young hero's reveal his location by force,ordering Sharky and Bones wake a near by sleeping bear,luring it toward Michael and Cubby.Hooks orders Michael and Cubby to reveal the location of Pan is hiding and he'll stop the bear from attacking them, but Michael and Cubby refused to betray their friend.Furious Hook soon leaves the bear to deal Michael and friends to continue his search for Peter Pan.As the bear crep closer Cubby, Skully and Tinker Bell prepared for the worse but much to their surprise Michael was able to befriend the bear who lets them leave with the magical mud of Green Grove Gulch.The Bear is last seen scaring Sharky and Bones away.

Episode Appearances

Season Four


  • The Bear resembles the bear from the Disney's 1953 animated film, Peter Pan during the end of Following the Leader song.


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