• Jake and his crew collect eight gold doubloons
  • The episode was written by Thomas Hart.
  • The Storyboard was by Rossen Varbanov.
  • The wooden elephant is a reference to the Trojan Horse:
    • Captain Hook and Mr. Smee act as the Greeks in the statue.
    • The note is like the way the Trojan accepted the Horse as a gift.
    • The treasures being stolen are like the Greeks taking over Troy (Jake's treasure room)
  • The episode marks the first appearance of the Pirate Island Treasure Room and Geyser Beach.
  • While not physically appearing in the episode the Fairies, Marina and Peter Pan are mentioned.
  • While Tick-Tock Croc doesn't make a physical appearance he is reference by the wooden croc in his likeness and his theme music featured at the end of the episode.

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