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The Pirate Princess

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The Pirate Princess
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Jake and Cubby are playing basket ball when they see Izzy dressed as a Pirate Princess. Cubby asks Jake who she is and Izzy laughs and informs them that it was her. she explains why she is dressed like a Princess and tells the story of the Pirate Princess and how to save her from the curse she had. Meanwhile Captain Hook and Mr. Smee are listening to the conversation and Hook says he wants the Golden Ship that the Princess owns. Jake and his crew set out and so do Captain Hook and his crew but they don't follow the directions right. Jake and his crew finaly get to the cave that the Princess is trapped in along with her Golden Ship. Izzy puts Pixie Dust on the Princess who was turned into gold and The Princess suddenly comes to life and the Golden ship turns into a magnificent ship instead of a wreck. Just then Captain Hook and his crew comes in and sees the Golden Ship but Skully scares them off by making creepy shadows on the wall. The Pirate Princess thanks them and leaves on her ship.

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