• Jake and his crew collect ten gold doubloons.
  • Izzy becomes an honorary mermaid.
  • This marks the the ninth appearance of Marina the Mermaid.
  • This marks the second appearance of Stormy the Mermaid.
  • This episode marks the fourth appearance of Lucille the Seal.
  • This episode marks fifth appearance of the adult mermaids in the series.This is also the first time they played a larger role in the story.
  • Queen Coralie doesn't appear in the episode she is briefly referenced.She would not make her first formal appearance until "Jake's Royal Rescue."
  • In order to calm the large school of seahorses Izzy sing a lullaby.This was a reference to the episode "The Seahorse Roundup."
  • The episode revealed that Captain Hook only thought that Izzy was threat to his scheme when she had her Pixie Dust.