Her name is Elsa Icestorm aka Aquamarine she is the daughter of lapis lazuli and the neice of sapphire aka angel icestorm. She is an gem wizard and she is a rare wizard because she is a hybrid wizard. She is a water wizard  from her moms side and is a ice wizard from her aunt and families side. Her gem is on her forhead and her gem weapon is a battle ax-spear. She has hydrokinesis powers just like her mom. She one day meet pink topaz and Peter Pan and took her to neverland with her mom. But then when jasper forced fused lapis, they turned into malachite. In order to protect her daughter and neverland, lapis chained up malachite and dragged her self into the bottom of the Never Sea. She was taken under pink'slip wing to help her. Then one when aquamarine was in Neverland, Peter gave her a spear made out of forever wood from the forever tree. Then one day she meets jake and his crew. Aquamarine is 8 or 8,000 years old due to her being a gem. She is the first gem hybrid wizard to become from a pirate to a pirate captain. She is a werewolf because she sacrifice herself to save jake and captain hook from being werewolves forever. She is a mer-gem wizard, guardian of Midnight Hill and keeper of stonewolf valley. And coming soon she will be an honorary member of the dark-shark clan along with jake.

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