Ahoy, Jake and the neverland pirates fans! Today i'll talking about my all time favorite monster, the werewolf. As you all know that there has been an episode or 2, jake and captain hook has transformed into a werewolf. In"Trick, treats and treasure" Jake's halloween costome is a werewolf. I think that is proof that the werewolf costume that Jake wore for a halloween special in season 2 might means that Jake is going to be a werewolf for real. Then a season later, in "jake the wolf" When jake found and touch the moon gem he became a neverland version of a werewolf. His werewolf form in season 3 he has pointy ears, mud brown fur all over his arms and his hair is big and hairy with hair on the side of his face with fangs and wolf instinct, behavior and abilities. Near the end of "Jake the wolf" When jake and his mateys hear a wolf howling, they thought it was another wolf beast but it turns out to be the same lizard that Jake wolf chased down in the jungle in neverland. It might be proof that I could be a possibility that the moon gem will make a reappearance I the next season. Then, it happened again in season 4, "night of the stonewolf" after Jake became pirate captain, he has transformed into a werewolf again and the same thing to Captain Hook. This both jake's crews and hook's crew have transformed into werewolves. Jake's werewolf form is a little bit different from season 3. His fur color is now a darkish-lightish brown, he has fur only on the top arm instead of full, his wolf ears are little bit different and this time, he has a wolf tail. Jake has became mateys with the Stonewolf statue that can come to life if someone steals the moon gem. And near the end of that episode we saw the same lizard from "jake the wolf" Who was growling like a wolf. It might a possibility that the moon gem and Stonewolf might come back in season 5, if the writers decide to do it. So, the questions is...

Will the stonewolf and moon gem reappeared in future episodes?

Will jake, his crew, cap'n Hook and his crew or only jake will transform into a werewolf again?

3rd times the charm, what if jake doesn't return the moon gem to Midnight Hill and be stuck as a werewolf forever?

You mates tell me what ye thinks in the comments below. There ye have it, tune in next time to see what other treasure theroies I dug up.

This is Sapphire Icestorm 15 saying yo-how, let's goooooo wolf mateys.

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