• Jake and his crew collect ten gold doubloons.
  • The Sea Witch's magic mirror was loosely based upon the magic mirror from "Snow White".
    • The mirror also slightly resembles the enchanted mirror from "Beauty and the Beast".
  • While not making a physical appearance the Sea Witch was mentioned.
  • This episode marks the third time Hook get magical powers the first in Pirate Genie Tales and the second time was in Hook the Genie!
  • This episode marks Captain Hook's fifth transformation in the series.
  • The episode is noticeably the last time Jonathan Morgan Heit provide the voice of Cubby.
  • There animation error when Witch Hook confines Izzy,Cubby and Skully in wooden cadge sliding down the hill Izzy is still seen wearing her pouch of Pixie Dust around her neck even though she drop the pouch and is later recovered by Jake to recuse Izzy,Cubby and Skully from the cadge.

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